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LEONARDO is TECHRA’s new boutique amplifier.
With its 100-Watt power, it is the “big brother” of the 60W Pronote.
LEONARDO has the same heart as the Pronote, the “Dyna Solid Tube” circuitry, designed, further developed and enhanced by Techra to obtain a more aggressive and richer sound.
The main features of the “Dyna Solid Tube”, the extremely fast attack time, the superbly dynamic sound and timbral exaltation of your instrument’s pick-ups have all been maintained and further enhanced in LEONARDO to improve the performance especially of those music genres requiring a more modern sound like Rock and Blues.
One of the features already offered by the Pronote and which LEONARDO could not miss is the amplifier’s clean sound quality to allow any guitar to faithfully express its timbral features without being contaminated by the amplifier. Of course, LEONARDO’s extraordinary features will allow you to make the most of your guitar without any risk of conditioning it.

leonardo effettoThe Dyna Solid Tube is inserted in the pre-amp and it uses 3 12AX7 tubes.
The power output section uses a 12AT7 tube plus 4 6L6GC tubes.
All of the tubes are accurately selected and tested according to TECHRA standards.
The output transformer is over-powered to provide longer life and excellent sound quality.
LEONARDO was designed to maintain timbral quality even at low volumes.
Even with 100 Watts of power, you can achieve top sound performance already at level 5 of the Master volume.

LEONARDO has 2 completely independent channels, each equipped with GAIN control, FAT selector, equalizer, volume and boost. This control can be activated using the pedal pad.
The 2 boosts – one on the Rhythm channel and the other on the Lead channel – offer 4 different and easy-to-use sound combinations.
Like all of the best amplifiers, it has a hybrid construction: it includes a series of top-quality hand-wired electronic circuits designed to ensure longer life while maintaining a high level of performance in the course of time.
All of the circuits are hand-wired: all of the welding is done by hand by highly specialized personnel. This ensures top quality, avoids oxidation and minimizes maintenance.
All of the internal parts are made of anodized and varnished aluminum to divert the tubes’ heat.

valvoleLEONARDO is also equipped with:

  • Adjustable spring reverb, can be powered on or off with the pedal.
  • Send-return for outboard effects with adjustable send signal.
  • Output for separate preamp with control.
  • Plug for the external pedal pad on front for easy connection.
  • 2 outputs for 16 Ohm, 100 W  external loudspeakers or for just one 8 Ohm, 200 W loudspeaker.



Description: head amplifier for electric guitar with hand-made cabling and welding.
Class: A/B
Power: 100 Watts
Channels: 2 selectable, Rhythm and Lead with boost control on both
Preamp: with “Dyna solid tube” circuit with 2 12AX7 tubes
Power output section: 1 12AT7 tube and 6L6GC 4 tubes
Input control: high-low

Rhythm channel controls: Bright, Gain, bass, middle, treble, Fat, Volume
Lead channel controls: Vintage/Modern, Gain, bass, middle, treble, Fat, Volume
General controls: send out, preamp out, reverb, Master volume Pedal pad for channel selection Rhythm/Lead, Reverb, Boost for Lead channel and Boost for Rhythm channel

Outputs : 

  • send-return for outboard effects with output level control
  • outputs for 2 16 Ohm, 100 W loudspeakers or 1 8 Ohm, 200 W loudspeaker
  • Plug for pedal pad

Dimensions: W 550mm,D 275 mm, H 245 mm *

Weight: 17,8 Kg

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