pronote6 tre quarti

Pronote 6 is the new amplifier from TECHRA, based on advanced thinking in electric guitar amplification; it merges and develops the best characteristics of traditional amps, while adding new functions and creative innovation. Pronote 6 incorporates state of the art tube analogical circuitry, which has been analysed, developed and improved, giving birth to the new innovative TECHRA Dyna Solid Tube.
The Dyna Solid Tube is the sophisticated heart of the tone-colour achieved in the new Pronote 6. The Dyna Solid Tube offers unique sound quality that catapults Pronote 6 to the best amp in its category. The Dyna Solid Tube is inserted into the preamp and uses two select 12AX7 tubes.
The power output section is built with a select 12AX7 tube and two select 6L6 tubes.


The output transformer is over-powered in order to drive two loudspeakers at the same time without influencing the output volume.
In addition to the main loudspeaker (Techra Custom Design 100 W), it is possible to plug in an external loudspeaker of 16 Ohms minimum and 50W minimum of power.
These will work simultaneously with the main speaker.

We have paid particular attention to developing an amp that functions at very low volume, yet maintains the same sound quality, without needing additional devices to reduce the power. In this way it is possible to make use of all the power at your disposal from 0 to 60 Watts, using only the master volume!
Well powered, engineered components ensure high quality and solidity. Innovative technology in the circuitry, allow you to change the tubes, without having to calibrate the BIAS. It is also possible to change the tubes to different brand (but of the same kind), by taking out the originals and inserting the new ones without changing the BIAS.
In additional the mechanical design of this amp is revolutionary. The components chosen and the dimensions of the acoustic casing are the result of years of research, aimed at greatly improving high end performance and quality of the amp.Pronote 6 is completely hand-wired to avoid oxidation, reduce mantainance and ensure a longer life. All the internal parts are made of anodized and varnished aluminium, with white surfaces to reflect the heat from the tubes. The back has been designed to create a constant air flow in order to keep the tubes cool and avoid using other expensive and noisy devices.

Other important characteristics are:

  • Adjustable spring reverb, can be powered on or off either by hand or with the external an pedal equipped with the Pronote 6
  •  Send-return for outboard effects
  • Output for an external loudspeaker of 16 Ohm minimum – useful for increasing the total volume of the main loudspeaker
  • Input for the external pedal to select the two channels: rhythm for clean or partially distorted sounds and lead for distorted soundsThe case is made of select wood, fitted with deluxe tolex. The dimensions allow for good transportation and very good sound projection, even in a pub setting also where further amplification may not be available.
    Pronote 6 comes with rubber covered edges to ensure protection from shocks.


Description: Hand-made tube combo amplifier for electric guitar
completely hand-wired
Class: A/B
Power: 60 Watts
Loudspeaker: 1×12” Techra custom design 100 W
Channels: n.2 selectable Rhythm Channel and Lead Channel
Preamp: with “Dyna solid tube” circuit with n.2 tubes 12AX7
Power output section: n.1 tube 12AX7 and n.2 tubes 6L6
Controls: Bass , Middle , Treble
Controls for rhythm channel: Gain , Switch Low-High
Controls for lead channel:Gain , Tone , Level , Switch Vintage-Modern
General controls: Reverb level , Master level
Outputs: Send-return for outboard effects
Footswitch for reverb
Footswitch for channel selection rhythm-lead External loudspeaker 16 ohm minimum

Dimensions: H 48 cm, W 55 cm, D 27 cm
Weight: 24,5 Kg.

Optional: Passive cabinet 100 W, 16 Ohm,
TECHRA custom designed loudspeaker