Nuts & Saddles

Using our expert knowledge in the field and application of technical polymers, we have been able to develop a material which notably improves the sound quality of stringed instruments.
We have concentrated on eliminating the typical problems which occur with the transmission of vibration, where the strings make contact with the instrument. Often, natural materials used are porous on the inside and therefore do not offer pure transmission of vibration, resulting in some notes and chords sounding louder or quieter than others. Therefore, we have invested time, money and precision to come up with a solution that offers true balance. Standard plastic products already on the market do not offer a high enough quality to obtain a good, balanced sound.

Using Techra’s nuts and saddles, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Consistent density in the material (absence of unwanted porous properties)
  • Consistent rigidity of material (consistent transmission for optimal vibration)

The sound will be noticeably improved obtaining:

  • Increased volume
  • Better sound dynamics
  • Definition of frequencies – intensified bass notes and sweet, clear trebles
  • Greatly improved sound balance
  • Better sustain
  • Higher harmonic volumes

Our nuts and saddles are designed for all types of instruments – economic or professional – due to the fact that they have been specifically tried and tested to augment the properties of wood. Hearing the difference between woods will become a treat!